Rosa Gómez-Redondo: "Longevidad extrema y trayectorias vitales: hallazgos en la verificación de casos"


"Rosa Gómez-Redondo, IMIENS-Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia-UNED. España. In demographically advanced societies at present, the extension of Life of old adults up to reaching long-lived ages is the main contribution to the increment of Life Expectancy.during the last five decades. Our work is based on the analysis of the continuous increment in Longevity in our neighbor societies (a relatively recent process at a demographic scale). We aim to contribute innovative approximations in the framework of an interdisciplinary perspective. From the study of several cases of super-centenarians we will try to obtain main characteristics of their personality and behavior along their vital cycle. We will incorporate the societal context of reference along their life, and we will provide with some behavioral and personal facts to serve as a source for hypotheses. We will specially focus in the interrelationship between longevity of these fortunate oldest people, with those socio-economic changes of the history and type of society where they developed their vital cycle up to reach the last phase of their individual trajectory."

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