Eric Aboagye: "Imagen molecular y radiómica en la investigación del cáncer: aplicaciones a la oncología de precisión"


Dr Eric Aboagye holds the position of Professor of Cancer Pharmacology and Molecular Imaging at Imperial College London, where he is Director of the Cancer Imaging Centre. Dr Aboagye’s primary research interest is in the field of molecular imaging: discovery,development and application of molecular imaging methods, particularly positron emission tomography, to study tumour biology and novel therapies. Working at the interface of chemistry, mathematics, and biology, he has made fundamental discoveries in visualising complex cancer processes in living subjects, and translated these methods to provide advanced tools for detecting drug distribution and consequences of drug-target modulation in humans, as well as tools for early disease detection and objective response assessment. His research group is well known internationally for developing methodologies that permit visualisation and quantification of core tumour biologic phenotypes including cell proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, hypoxia, and growth factorreceptor signalling. More recently his team has also developed imaging tools to enable better characterisation of choline, glycogen and fatty acid metabolism. Mathematical modelling approaches for tracer kinetics and texture analysis have been developed and applied hand-in-hand with the chemical-biology approaches. He received British Institute of Radiology Sir Mackenzie Davidson Medal in 2009 and was elected to fellowship of the United Kingdom Academy of Medical Sciences in 2010. He is author of over 220 publications and 12 patents on cancer drug development and imaging and has contributed to the early careers of excellent researchers including 22 PhD students who have graduated under his primary supervision and 37 post-doctoral fellows primarily mentored by him; several of these researchers have established their own research groups. Dr Aboagye has acted as an Advisor to international pharmaceutical and Imagi companies including GE Healthcare, LightPoint, GSK, Roche and Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

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